How to Find a Good School for My Child

How to Find a Good School for My Child

Find a Good School for My Child

Start with your own home. Just like cooking the kitchen and talking in the house, TV For the viewing and other social activities, the bedroom has its own importance for the living room and sleeping, in the same way, to teach and teach, a classmate should be like that – it is equally important. If you have only gas in your kitchen, you have a tap and some utensils are so creative, so what can you cook? Probably nothing. If there is a dough together, then nothing more than chapatti can be made, and if there are salt and oil besides the dough, then perhaps more and more paratha, whole or salt can be made. Would a person like a kitchen with only flour, salt, and oil, from which only one or two food items can be made, so let’s know How to find a good school for my child.

A child learns more than his experience instead of a teacher lecture. What is happening around him, he learns much by conveying stories, stories, plays of dolls, drawing pictures, reading books and communicating through other games. The child will learn only when the creativity will develop only when the teacher will take classes in the classroom. The verandah can be used if there is no space in the classroom. The place can also be made by putting a desk in a corner. If there is still no place, then lots of material can be kept in shoes or open bags. Children can pick up the material from here and take them to their desk according to their needs.

Is This Education?

You might ask, what will the child achieve after playing sand or clay or playing snake-ladder / ludo? Just think, in fact, the internal need for children to be physical, mentally, and socially active is met. Even if you will not give time for activities, even then the child will take time out, whether you like it or not.

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Active Classroom Management

Creating an active classroom is definitely very laborious, and its management is even more difficult, but once it becomes a part of your routine, after that you will be a cheerful teacher and children are also happy and creative. But reaching such a situation can be a bit tricky and relaxed.

Classroom Design

So far, we discussed a lot about classroom management but did not talk about design. That’s because if you are ready to withstand the stress during active class management, then it takes hard work to create such a class, but not stress.

Library Span

The school library is not used in conformity with its motto. The library period is one day a week. The children in the library are sure to go in, but they keep sitting there silently or in an arbitrary manner, they keep changing the pages of a magazine. Some keep gossiping with their colleagues. In such a long time, the hour goes and all the children get up and go. One problem with these libraries is that here there is often a lack of good news books for small children.

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